Preparing consistent, high-quality RNA-Seq libraries with the NeoPrep System

Preparing consistent, high-quality RNA-Seq libraries with the NeoPrep™ System

Stuart Levine, PhD Director, MIT BioMicro Center

Constructing libraries for sequencing is a time consuming multistep process with multiple possible failure points. The Illumina NeoPrep™ System is an automated, hands-free solution for creating libraries from fragmented genomic DNA and eukaryotic RNA with low amounts of input material. We have performed extensive testing using the NeoPrep System in our core facility, focused on its RNA-Seq capabilities. In the core setting, the NeoPrep System performs extremely well with robust metrics across many input samples, providing high complexity libraries suitable for most routine RNA-Seq analyses. rRNA levels and exon/intron ratios are comparable or better than most manual preparation methods and the run-to-run consistency addresses a key concern for most library preparations. This webinar focuses on the NeoPrep System, its capabilities and limitations, and reviews the practicalities of implementing it in your laboratory. 

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