Microarrays for large-scale genotyping

Finding genetic variants associated with disease risk in large cohorts or populations

High-Throughput Genotyping

To realize the potential of precision medicine, genetic information must be amassed on a large scale. High-throughput genotyping studies are crucial for generating this volume of data and identifying disease associations. Currently, microarrays are the platform of choice for genotyping, as they allow investigators to survey millions of markers across disease cohorts or populations.

High-throughput genotyping data hold immense value for pharmacogenomics, consumer genomics, population studies, and clinical practice. These studies can identify not only genetic risk factors for disease, but also the genotypes associated with drug response. Eventually, this information can lead to better health management and more successful treatment strategies.

Propelling Progress with Microarrays
Identifying Disease Associations Using Microarrays

Dr. Weiss discusses how large-scale genotyping data will influence the future of precision medicine.

Microarrays are ideal for large-scale genotyping studies to identify disease associations or characterize populations. Illumina arrays offer several advantages.

  • Scalable workflow to support population studies or other large projects, with flexibility to increase throughput as demands grow
  • Trusted data quality and widespread global adoption
  • Low per-sample cost
  • Integration with Illumina sequencing systems for multi-omics analysis
  • Built-in lab management, tracking, and traceability tools to help production-scale and clinical labs ensure positive sample tracking
Pharmacogenomics and Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Dubé and her team at the Montreal Health Institute used an array to identify responder genotypes in a cholesterol drug trial.

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Choose from ready-to-use arrays with expertly designed content, or design custom iSelect or semicustom arrays to suit specific research needs. Process and scan arrays with a rapid three-day workflow.*

*Infinium XT offers a two-day workflow option.

Click on the below to view products for each workflow step.

Infinium XT

Comprehensive microarray solution for large-scale genotyping with flexible content.

Microarray Kit Selector

Find the best kit for your needs based on project type, starting material, and method or application.

All Microarray Kits

Ready-to-use microarray kits for genotyping and epigenetic analysis.

DesignStudio Microarray Assay Designer

Web-based tool for designing custom arrays.

iScan System

Microarray scanner for high-throughput genotyping of thousands of samples per day.

Infinium Accessory Kits

Hardware, software, and accessories needed to process multiple array samples in parallel.

Infinium Automation Packages

Robotic liquid-handling capabilities, control software, and other options to automate the array workflow and reduce errors.

AutoLoader 2.x

This device automatically loads array carriers onto scanning systems.

Array Data Analysis Solutions

Software to help you visualize, analyze, and manage genotyping data.

Illumina LIMS

Laboratory information management system for high-throughput array processing and sample tracking.

Clarity LIMS

Laboratory information management system for labs running sequencing and array experiments.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

Web-based tools for early-stage research to identify disease mechanisms, drug targets, and prognostic or predictive biomarkers.

The Infinium XT microarray workflow is ideal for production-scale genotyping, supporting biobanks and precision medicine initiatives. Each step of the Infinium workflow is optimized in the Infinium XT workflow, reducing the turnaround time from three days to two days.

Rapid Microarray Workflow for High-Throughput Genotyping
Population Data Reveals Cardiac Disease Variant

By linking large-scale genotyping data with clinical records, researchers identified a rare gene variant for myocardial infarctions.

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High-Throughput Genotyping of a Diverse Population

This collaborative genotyping effort identified disease-associated genetic markers prevalent in the Hispanic population.

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Complex Disease Genomics
Complex Disease Genomics

Complex diseases result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Array and sequencing technologies can help reveal the underpinnings of these diseases. Learn more about complex disease genomics.

Microarray Techniques
Microarray Techniques

From discovery applications to routine screening, microarrays are a powerful tool for analyzing genetic variation. Learn more about microarrays.

Genomics Consortia
Genomics Consortia

Illumina helps connect researchers who share similar goals so they can pool resources for large-scale genotyping projects.

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FastTrack Microarray Services
FastTrack Microarray Services

Illumina experts provide high-throughput genotyping and methylation array services.

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Saving Time and Resources with LIMS
Saving Time and Resources with LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS integrates easily with many common lab instruments for simplified operations and information management.

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