Leveraging the NextSeq® 500 System for RNA sequencing in virology| Illumina Video

13 October 2015

Learn how a virology lab is leveraging the power of the NextSeq® 500 System. http://www.illumina.com/systems/nextseq-sequencer.html

Matt Thomas, a research associate studying host-viral pathogen responses through RNA-seq or 16S profiling, is fascinated by the high-throughput and simplified workflow of Illumina next-generation sequencing systems. The NextSeq 500 enables the complex research they perform using small RNA, and RIP seq, moving beyond just gene expression. The quick turnaround combined with the flexibility of short and long reads is a real asset to their cutting-edge work in virology.


“The NextSeq 500 has become the workhorse for sequencing in the lab”, he claims with almost every experiment, every funding mechanism in the lab using the NextSeq 500 to generate data.


Video Presenter:
Matt Thomas
Research Manager
University of Washington


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