The Power of Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy - Adventures in Genomics

18 February 2016

In forensics, sometimes samples are so degraded that traditional DNA extractions and methods may not work. Jacques and Irene with Mitch Holland explain how high-throughput sequencing is helping us realize the power of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy — ultimately leading to the solving of more crimes. Used to identify the remains of Tsar Nicholas Romanov II, you’ll see how MtDNA heteroplasmy can now be used to routinely, detect, resolve and report using NGS technology, benefitting the forensics community for years to come. Subscribe to Illumina: Links: Mitch Holland at Penn State, Eberly College of Science, Forensic Science – Penn State University For more info on applications in forensics – For more info on applications in other areas See all our Adventures in Genomics videos:

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