Advantages of Next-Generation Sequencing: Francesco Fiorentino | Illumina Video

27 February 2015

Francesco Fiorentino, Director of Genoma Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Rome, Italy, discusses the high-throughput, high-resolution advantages of next-generation sequencing for preimplantation genetic screening. He also touches upon how NGS can aid the detection of segmental imbalances in embryos, for translocation, and single gene disorders. In closing, he highlights the results of a recent study that showed that the VeriSeq PGS Kit delivers a high degree of concordance with array-CGH, as well as high levels of implantation and pregnancy rates. Clinical Paper Fiorentino F, Bono S, Biricik A, et al. Application of next-generation sequencing technology for comprehensive aneuploidy screening of blastocysts in clinical preimplantation genetic screening cycles. Human Reproduction.

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