Illumina® | Tour the NovaSeq™ X Series

14 March 2023

Tour our groundbreaking new sequencing systems, the NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus. They deliver exceptional throughput and accuracy from a global leader and trusted partner in genomics. The series enables transformational economics and productivity gains for high-throughput next-generation sequencing projects with a low total cost of ownership. With rapid run times and data output up to 16 Tb or 52 billion single reads per run, the NovaSeq X Series offers the highest daily throughput of any Illumina NGS system. The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Systems are powered by XLEAP-SBS™ chemistry, a faster, higher quality, and more robust update to proven Illumina SBS chemistry, which supports consistent, reliable data generation. Integration with the DRAGEN™ Platform, both onboard and in the cloud, offers accurate, comprehensive, and rapid secondary analysis, including lossless data compression. The reduced data footprint makes genomic data management faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Integrated DRAGEN platform adds capability to perform multiple, simultaneous analyses in a single run for both onboard and cloud-based workflows. Lyophilized reagents and other sustainability innovations enable ambient temperature shipping of reagent kits with significant reductions in packaging size, weight, plastic mass, and waste. #NovaSeqX #Illumina #SBSchemistry #next-generationchemistry

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