Behind the Science - Adventures in Genomics

15 July 2015

In this supplemental video we go behind the science of Adventures in Genomics: Archeology of the invisible: TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction: 00:38 Calcification: 01:30 DNA Preservation: 03:53 Galaxy: 05:35 Clean Room: 06:55 DNA Degradation: 08:03 Recovering the DNA Sample: 09:13 Sample Prep: 10:19 Ancient Dental Care: 12:16 Menu: 13:22 The Adventures in Genomics video series hosted by the Illumina Scientific Affairs team, Jacques and Swati, takes you into the fascinating world of next-generation sequencing. Join them as they explore amazing genomic discoveries and meet the scientists behind the breakthroughs that help us better understand ourselves and the world around us. Learn more at: Subscribe to Illumina:

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