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Digging deeper with Environmental DNA: reconstructing ancient ecosystems

235 views | 2 years ago

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is a molecular fossil that can provide information about animal and plant species living in the past. A recent study has led to a new theory about early human migrations in...

Shining a light on the genomics of solar panels contamination

399 views | 2 years ago

Learn how scientists around the world are using next-generation sequencing to identify microbial species living on solar panels. Learn more here. Products: Illumina Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kit...

The origin of fishfingers: CRISPR/Cas9 in the study of evolutionary and developmental biology

475 views | 2 years ago

CRISPR-Cas9 is a powerful study in the fields of developmental and evolutionary biology. Recent studies on fish, butterflies, and crustaceans are great examples on how this technique can be used to...

Of Humans and Microbes: a Long Lasting Relationship

420 views | 2 years ago

For many years, we have been repeating that for each human cell in a person there are at least 10 bacterial cells. Although this is an over-estimation, recent evidence shows that hominids and certain...

Next-generation Conservation

331 views | 3 years ago

History comes alive through cultural and historical artifacts, but time and the elements conspire against them – with even surface microorganisms playing a role. In this week’s SciMon video, learn how...

RADseq: Smoke and Mirrors in Butterfly Genetics

790 views | 3 years ago

Learn how restriction site-associated DNA sequencing can help us learn about ecology, evolution, and conservation efforts. Learn more at:

Attack of the Jet-Lagged Tomatoes

257 views | 3 years ago

Rapid changes in time zones can cause jet lag, as our internal biological clock genes adjust to new circadian light-dark cycles. You might be surprised to discover that tomatoes also have biological...

Progress in Rapid Identification of Variants Linked to Genetic Diseases

462 views | 3 years ago

Learn how DNA sequencing is leading to progress in the rapid identification of variants that might be involved in genetic diseases. Thanks to this work, Dr Kingsmore and his team now hold a Guinness...