RNA-sequencing in infectious disease research | Illumina Video

13 October 2015

Dr. Katze describes how systems biology is reshaping virology. By taking a closer look at how viruses cause disease, he unravels the complex nature of RNA viruses and their host reactions. He credits Illumina as a valuable partner in his ability to push the boundaries, deriving insights on how host response is shaped by pathogenesis. Dr.Katze is among the first to publish a study on RNA-seq analysis in a viral infection scenario. The future of drug development will be fast tracked by gene expression data he theorizes, by the use of algorithms and computational tools to steer translational research. Re-orienting researchers to systems biology approaches will be the first step in bypassing the onerous and incredibly expensive process of drug development that could ultimately improve human health in the long run. Learn more about the latest advances in virology from Dr.Katze’s lab https://viromics.washington.edu Explore how genomics is impacting human health [link to clinical overview page] http://www.illumina.com/clinical.html Video Presenter: Michael Katze, PhD Professor, Department of Microbiology Katze Lab, University of Washington Subscribe to the Illumina video channel. [http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=IlluminaInc]

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