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Data powers modern biology and medicine

Our software platforms are the solutions you need to aggregate, interrogate, and share data to achieve scientific breakthroughs

End-to-end bioinformatics software tools

Next-generation sequencers generate massive amounts of data. When you have the right bioinformatics tools, you can aggregate this data, interpret it, and socialize the information quickly.

The Illumina software suite offers data solutions that support genomics research and clinical research from setup to analysis. We embrace changing technology and defy the barriers that challenge innovation.

Setting up your infrastructure

Automate your lab.

Adopt lab automation to improve efficiency.

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Get connected.

Data sharing allows you to publish and collaborate with speed.

Do I build or buy?

See what a LIMS can do for you.

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Pipeline Setup & Management

Sequencing Experiment Setup

Simplify how you import biological sample information, design and pool libraries, prepare sequencing runs, and much, much more.

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Lab Information Management Systems

Automate workflows, integrate instruments and manage samples with ease.

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Sequencing File Formats

Options for every kind of data analysis imagineable.

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Featured Bioinformatics Software Content

Harness the Power of Your Data with Illumina Connected Analytics

A robust, enterprise-grade, versatile platform empowering omics workflows, scalability, global compliance, and data science tools.

Illumina Software and Informatics Update

Learn about new and upcoming product releases in informatics solutions from Illumina Software Engineering.

Bringing Bioinformatics Pipeline In-House Cuts Costs and Time

Phosphorus uses the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to perform genomics data analysis on-site at an accessible price point.

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DRAGEN Shines at precision FDA Truth Challenge

“Informatics is a key component of the All of Us research project and with all the recent advancements in our software, we have never been more confident that DRAGEN is primed for the task ahead.”

Susan Tousi, Chief Product Officer

Multi-omics Data Solutions

Illumina Connected Analytics breaks down the barriers of data silos by delivering versatile and integrated data science tools that enable high-volume automated multi-omics workflows and operations.

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Sequencing Data Analysis

Our sequencers come equipped with primary data analysis tools built in. For secondary analysis, our bioinformatics tools use DNA and RNA fragements to fully sequence a sample so that genetic variants can be determined quickly and effectively.

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Biological Interpretation

Bioinformatics software and biological data mining drive insights into fundamental biological processes and the causes of genetic disease. Use our tools to interpret biological variants, understand population data, and employ focused sequencing applications for drug discovery, cancer research, single-cell analysis and more.

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End-to-End Solutions

Our software ecosystem provides solutions that span across workflows. From specific applications to secondary and tertiary analysis, our seamless software portfolio enables you to hit development milestones faster.

Lab Workbench
Panel Design Sample & Workflow Management Instrument Run Setup & Management Genomics Run & Monitoring
Data Workbench
Secondary Data Analysis Data Management & Collaboration Interpretation & Case Reprting Translational Research

Our Community of Researchers and Developers

Get API, application, and developer documentation as well as access to binary downloads and installers so that you can collaborate with other developers and have conversation to make the most of your data.

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A collaborative space to exchange ideas, tips, and techniques to empower your data analysis and interpretation. Learn More

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Open source apps

Review the Publishing Guidelines and Requirements to ensure that your app meets requirements. Learn More


Access APIs to subscribe to platform events and specify delivery targets for receiving.

Developer Portal

Direct access to developer resources for next-generation sequencing, analysis, and data science.

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Help Documentation

Learn how to get started, read about our native apps, SDKs and sample apps, developer tools, and more.


Get documentation, FAQs, technical bulletins, training, and software downloads all in one place.


Product files and installable software for use with Illumina products.

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Featured Bioinformatics Tools

Illumina Connected Analytics

A robust, enterprise-grade platform that empowers multi-omics workflows, on-demand scalability, and integrated data science tools.

TruSight Software Suite

This software as a service (SaaS) analytics solution integrates with BaseSpace Sequence Hub and is compatible with systems used for rare disease research.


The Illumina DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics) Bio-IT Platform provides accurate, ultra-rapid secondary genomic analysis of sequencing data.

BSSH & Basespace Clarity LIMS

Data management and simplified bioinformatics for labs getting started and for rapidly scaling next-generation sequencing (NGS) operations.

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