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HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kit v2 - Paired-End (PE) and Single-Read (SR)

HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 enable an on-board cluster generation process, designed to be used in HiSeq Rapid Run mode. Read More...
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Product Highlights

HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 enable the unique on-board cluster generation process. HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 are designed to be used in the rapid run mode of HiSeq 2500 and 1500 sequencers.

  • Optimize your workflow with on-board cluster generation
  • Improve turnaround time and batching efficiency
  • Maximize the data quality of your runs

Choose on-board cluster generation to optimize your workflow – On-board cluster generation is a unique high-throughput workflow option enabled by HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2, and is only available in the rapid run mode of the HiSeq 2500 or 1500.

Clonal template clusters are generated from individual template strands directly on the HiSeq 2500 and 1500 instrument using this process. On-board cluster generation minimizes hands-on time and enables a true walkaway solution for high-throughput sequencing needs.

Turn samples around faster – HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 support the rapid run workflow for the HiSeq 2500 and 1500, and allow you to turn urgent samples around faster.

The lower overall data throughput of rapid run mode also simplifies batching requirements and allows optimal indexing of small genomes and other applications with reduced output needs.

Maximize data quality – HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 are specifically formulated to work with HiSeq Rapid SBS Kits v2 and provide the highest quality sequencing data available on any high-throughput sequencing system.

HiSeq Rapid Cluster Kits v2 improve cluster density robustness to increase total usable clusters in a given run and decrease cluster gradients down the lane. This increased robustness and uniformity contribute to higher Q-scores, lower error rates, and higher data quality.

This product is also available as an Illumina Advantage (TG) product. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products feature lot-specific shipments and testing, extended shelf life, and advanced change notifications for greater laboratory efficiency.

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