NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits

Reagent kits for the NovaSeq X Series include a reagent cartridge, buffer cartridge, flow cell, lyo insert, pre-load buffer, and library tube strip. Read More...
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NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (300 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (200 Cycle)



NovaSeq X Series 10B Reagent Kit (100 Cycle)


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NovaSeq X Series Custom-Primer Buffer



Product Highlights

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits combine the power of XLEAP-SBS chemistry with flexible, efficient, and sustainable workflows to enable transformational science at scale.

  • 165 Gb to 16 Tb of highly accurate and reliable data per run to support variable batch sizes
  • 100-, 200-, and 300-cycle kits to support a wide range of applications—from spatial transcriptomics and single-cell studies to exomes and genomes
  • Up to 8 lanes per flow cell to simplify pooling and indexing strategies and support multiomic approaches
  • A 4-fold reduction in library input to maximize precious samples
  • > 50% reduction in plastic* and > 90% reduction in packaging* to reduce waste and maximize storage space
The Debut of XLEAP-SBS Chemistry

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits are powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry: a faster, more accurate, and more robust update to traditional sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry. The stability of XLEAP-SBS reagents also supports consistent, reliable data generation for results you can trust.

Flexible Configurations to Support Multiple Applications

With up to 8 independent lanes per flow cell, NovaSeq X Series flow cells streamline operations by enabling automatic loading of up to 8 separate library pools per flow cell—without the need for an accessory kit. Increased sample partitioning also simplifies indexing strategies and better enables multiomic approaches.

Sustainability and Simplicity In One

NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits pair the streamlined, load-and-go convenience of NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits with industry-leading sustainability improvements. NovaSeq X Series Reagent Kits arrive at room temperature, with no dry ice and no ice packs, for less waste* and a streamlined unpacking experience. Additionally, the cartridges are constructed with more recyclable plastics,* including a biopolymer derived from sugar cane. Following completion of the sequencing run, cartridges can be disassembled for easier recycling and disposal.

*Compared to NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits
Compared to NovaSeq 6000 onboard workflow
NovaSeq X Series 25B Reagent Kits available 2H 2023

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