TruSight Sequencing Panels

For cost-effective, streamlined, targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) of specific genetic diseases or conditions, Illumina offers TruSight sequencing panels. Designed with recognized healthcare experts at leading institutions, TruSight panels comprise oligo probes targeting genes and regions thought to be relevant for particular diseases or conditions.

Each TruSight sequencing panel offers:

  • Streamlined Workflow
    Pre-designed, expert-selected content and use of proven Illumina NGS technology reduce assay optimization time and risk of manual error
  • Accurate Results
    Deep uniform coverage enables highly accurate variant calling suitable for the clinical genomics laboratory
  • Increased Productivity
    Product lot testing, extended shelf life, and single-lot shipments keep your lab running while reducing costs; TruSight One Sequencing Panel is able to replace multiple genetic assays
  • TruSight Tumor (170 Genes)TruSight Tumor 170
    Comprehensive panel detects single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), amplifications, and fusions that contribute to solid tumor progression
  • TruSight RNA FusionTruSight RNA Fusion
    Targeting 507 fusion associated genes in cancer; detects known and novel fusion gene partners.
  • TruSight OneTruSight One
    Targeting > 4,800 genes; enabling labs to expand and streamline their assay portfolio and sequencing portfolio
  • TruSight HLATruSight HLA
    Accurate, unambiguous, phase-resolved HLA typing in a single assay
  • TruSight Pan-CancerTruSight RNA Pan-Cancer
    Targeting 1385 oncology genes for gene expression, variant and fusion detection in all RNA sample types including FFPE
  • TruSight MyeloidTruSight Myeloid
    Uses expert-defined content to identify somatic mutations in myeloid malignancies
  • TruSight CancerTruSight Cancer
    Targeting genes previously linked to a predisposition towards cancer
  • TruSight Tumor (15 Genes)TruSight Tumor 15
    Focused panel assesses common somatic variants in solid tumors
  • TruSight CardiomyopathyTruSight Cardio
    Focusing on identifying inherited cardiac conditions
  • TruSight Inherited DiseaseTruSight Inherited Disease
    Focusing on severe, recessive pediatric onset diseases
  • Custom Content
    Build your custom panel in DesignStudio
    TruSeq Custom Amplicon

Discontinued TruSight products and recommended replacements are shown below:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Note regarding biomarker patents and other patents unique to specific uses of products.

Some genomic variants, including some nucleic acid sequences, and their use in specific applications may be protected by patents. Customers are advised to determine whether they are required to obtain licenses from the party that owns or controls such patents in order to use the product in customer's specific application.