Helpful resources to maximize sequencing performance

Resources for the NovaSeq 6000 System

Product Selection and Experiment Planning Tools

Find tools to help you choose the right products for your needs and plan your experiments. Identify the right library prep kit or microarray, calculate sequencing coverage, explore methods compiled from publications, design custom assays, and more.

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Product Selection and Experiment Planning Tools

Education and Support Resources

NovaSeq 6000 Manuals and Documents

Find the system guide, site prep guide, indexed sequencing guide, and other supporting documentation.

Sequencing Online Training

Online Illumina sequencing courses are free, interactive, and available any time.

Instrument Buying Options

Don’t let your budget hold you back. Explore different buying options to find which best fits your needs.

Custom Protocol Selector

Generate your own customized documentation, specifically tailored to your experiment.

Quality Scores

Additional information about sequencing quality scores, how they are calculated, and the relationship between sequencing quality score and base call accuracy.

View Sequencing Coverage Tips

Learn how to estimate and achieve the necessary sequencing coverage for your experiment.

Human WGS on the NovaSeq 6000 System

See our best practices for generating high-quality data from human whole-genome sequencing on the NovaSeq 6000 System.