Informatics Services and Consulting


Why Use Informatics Consulting

Whether you’re exploring opportunities or already well on your way, you may need additional help to achieve your vision. Perhaps you’re on a tight timeline but lack bandwidth to deliver, or maybe you need specialized skill sets like bioinformatics consulting to fill a temporary gap in expertise. Whatever the reason, exploring outside assistance from an informatics service provider is a great option to accelerate the design, build, and delivery of your solution.


How Our Implementation Partners Can Help

Searching for the right informatics service providers can be a challenge, especially when searching for niche offerings like bioinformatics services or companies with exposure to Illumina software products.

To help, we connect you to companies that provide technical services through our implementation partner program. These partners have diversified skillsets, resources, and knowledge to provide specialized informatics and technology solutions. They offer consulting services for simple to complex data analysis by leveraging Illumina software expertise and skillsets across bioinformatics, web development, data science, and systems integration.

Official LIMS Implementation Partner

How We Select and Vet Implementation Partners

Our program is designed to identify, select, and onboard companies that offer diversified skillsets to complement Illumina software. The program consists of:

  • Candidate evaluation and selection based on skill sets, experience, and fit
  • Onboarding to relevant Illumina software, including Illumina Connected Analytics and Clarity LIMS
  • Alignment on commercial logistics, outlining hand-offs for support and other commercial activities
  • Ongoing engagement and communication to ensure Illumina and partners offer continued customer success

Our Clarity LIMS Implementation Partners

Semaphore Solutions

"Semaphore Solutions has over 200,000 hours of experience implementing Clarity LIMS for a wide variety of innovative laboratories and industry leaders who are advancing the adoption of NGS into everyday healthcare. We implement new assays, optimize existing assays, integrate instruments and business systems, and automate workflows. We also build custom applications to solve specific lab challenges such as automated sample accessioning and streamlined report sign-out. Our highly flexible service delivery ranges from one-time projects to ongoing support, ensuring a lab’s LIMS implementation consistently delivers business value through improving lab efficiency and quality."

OnQ Software
OnQ Software

"Our dedicated team not only understands Clarity LIMS, with over 10 years of experience, but also has backgrounds in biotechnology, which allows us to understand genomics laboratory conditions. This results in solutions that are a natural extension of a scientist's skills.Our Clarity LIMS services range from implementation assistance and workflow development to optimisation, integrations, and calculations using the Clarity LIMS toolkits and API extensions.In addition to being an Illumina partner and having previously provided implementation services, customer support, and even sales of Clarity LIMS, OnQ Software has been servicing the LIMS industry for 30 years."

Our Illumina Connected Analytics Implementation Partners


"We are a bioinformatics company, with a mission to support the entire precision medicine R&D cycle through the tools, platforms and services we have and continue to develop. Towards this, we work with precision medicine and biotech companies to enable them and their customers not only with software for instrument platforms, established bioinformatics workflows, knowledgebases enabling data and literature analysis and validated diagnostic assays, but also supporting the same with regulatory board certification requirements."


"Koonkie supports clients on a consulting bioinformatics services basis. We create tailored informatic solutions grounded in extensive biological knowledge, allowing you to spend time using your data to improve your research and add value to your projects. Our rich network of bioinformatics software includes open source peer reviewed tools, proprietary modules and databases, and in-house pipelines used exclusively to provide service to our clients. We specialize in metagenomics and have a growing team that tackles projects on yeast, animals and oncology."


"Bluefruit Software’s UK based embedded software specialists work with innovative clients worldwide. Our team of over 80 includes software engineers, testers, and quality specialists. Bluefruit believes excellent embedded software happens through investing in people and processes and a dedication to quality. Working closely with clients in safety-critical areas like medtech, we tailor our work to meet your organisation’s needs across firmware to high-level technical consulting."


"Let’s bring bioinformaticians to your problem. We are bioinformaticians, computational biologists and software engineers with experience in basic research, technology development, diagnostics, therapeutics and beyond. Talk to us about your problem – we’ll understand."


"BioLizard is an agile bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and data management consulting company providing innovative computational solutions to the life sciences industry. The company specializes in handling complex scientific data and applying state-of-the-art approaches for data-driven R&D, drug development, clinical trials, healthcare and other applications."


"BeanStock Ventures is a software development company and an FDA accredited third-party 510(k) approver. BeanStock Ventures is focused on improving lives by directly and indirectly supporting the development and delivery of innovative healthcare related products and services. BeanStock Ventures provides 20 years of software product development and regulatory experience in various healthcare specific domains such as biotechnology, instrumentation, diagnostics, digital health, point of care, critical care, laboratory, automation, complex workflows, and connectivity. BeanStock Ventures’ signature process was developed to enable their clients to build the right product while meeting the demands of the market.""

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