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Genotyping SNPs and Other Variants

Genotyping enables researchers to explore genetic variants such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and large structural changes in DNA. High-throughput genomic technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and microarrays enable a deeper understanding of disease etiology on a molecular level.

With multiple genomic targets potentially contributing to disease, analysis requires flexibility and accuracy. SNP genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) data analysis tools can analyze results for millions of markers and probes and detect sample outliers, providing insight into the functional consequences of genetic variation.

Introduction to Genotyping
Whole-Genome Genotyping

Interrogate SNPs and other variants across the entire genome to obtain the most comprehensive view of genomic variation.

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Targeted Genotyping

Focus time and resources on genotyping SNPs and other variants in a specific genomic region of interest, often with higher coverage.

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Custom Genotyping

Perform studies on genome regions or organisms of interest for which standard products are not available.

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Copy Number Variation Analysis

Detect DNA copy number changes, as well as aberrant chromosome amplifications and deletions, relative to a reference genome.

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Production-Scale Genotyping Solution

Infinium XT optimizes the user experience as labs take production-scale genotyping studies to the next level of throughput. This 96-sample BeadChip array enables processing of 100,000 to > 1,000,000+ samples/year, for any species, with user-defined content.

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Infinium BeadChip Arrays
Genotyping Plants and Animals
Plant and Animal Genotyping

Enhance the value of crops and herds with screening and discovery tools that aid in breeding decisions. Learn more about plant and animal genotyping.

Cancer Germline Mutation Studies
Cancer Germline Studies

Analyze germline mutations that predispose individuals to cancer using microarrays and NGS. Learn more about cancer germline mutation analysis.

Biobank Sample Genotyping
Biobank Sample Analysis

Leverage biobank samples for translational and pharmacogenomic research, epidemiology, population studies, and more. Learn more about biobank sample genotyping.

SNP Genotyping Data Analysis
GenomeStudio Genotyping Module

GenomeStudio Software enables efficient SNP genotype calling, data normalization, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) calculation, CNV analysis, and more. Learn more about GenomeStudio Software.

Admixture Mapping and Common Variants

Recent studies used admixture mapping to identify variants contributing to differences in diseases between ancestral populations. Visit our content hub to watch this video and see the resources we’ve gathered to help you discover the benefits that multiple methods can bring to your research. 

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Library Prep and Array Kit Selector
Array and Library Prep Kit Selector

Easily identify the best array or sequencing library prep kit based on project type, starting material, and method.

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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
NGS Technology

With unprecedented throughput, scalability, and speed, NGS enables study of biological systems at a level never before possible.

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BeadArray Microarray Technology
BeadArray Microarray Technology

BeadArray technology enables high-density BeadChip arrays to facilitate diverse applications, including SNP genotyping and more.

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Array Solutions
Array Solutions

Access a comprehensive range of microarray solutions for DNA, RNA, and epigenetic studies.

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Genotyping Consortia
Genomics Consortia

Illumina helps researchers who share similar goals join efforts to pool resources and create genomics tools.

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Genotyping Consortia
A New Breed of Genomics Service

Lab provides information consumers can use to manage their health using Infinium BeadChips and BaseSpace Clarity LIMS.

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